Slot machine Tick SMT-900i


Slot machine tick SMT-900i is a new and unique device which was constructed after many years of research and testing on slot machines. This special device can identify program slot machine also detects versions of software and place in the program where the program is active. SMT-900i is a unique device of this kind that works for all new and old slot machines and programs for all slot machines!

How does the device SMT-900 Work?

It works on a similar principle as device WGR-500 but has limitations in terms of connection to the slot machine, it is necessary that the slot machine is connected online to the server. The new device operates on all slot machines! It also uses a SIM card to activate the device, but it is really no need for pairing with a slot machine. Slot machine tick SMT-900i device is operated with a remote control, which is the superposition code for each program separately.

This means that the device will work only for the selected program, and not receiving interfering signals from neighbors slot machines and WiFi cameras. Device SMT-900i can enhance the success of winning from the default of 20% to 98%! It is the only device of its kind in the world market!

What might be the results?

Device has been tested with various programs slot machines in Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia. The difference had to be about 4 times to change the software SMT-900 make it a reliable device for all models and programs.

Product description:

Item Size 96 * 60 * 22.6mm
Model Name SMT-900i
Voltage 5V
30 Hours Battery Life & Up

Content of the package:

1 x device SMT-900i
1 x charger
1 x remote control

1 x full user manual

Market price: 1850,00 Eur