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Emp jammer 10/2014

Product parameters; 
Name: EM-Giga
Size: 80 x50x21mm
The main frequency: 410 MHZ
Mixed frequency: 2 hz - 28 hz mixing precision adjustable 
Power supply voltage: 12 V to 12.6 V
Working voltage: DC - DC booster 【 DC12 12.6 to 24 v, 48 v]
The charger: 12.6 V, 350 ma
The charging hole: 2.1 X5.5 mm
Color: white transparent crystal
Antenna: extended high frequency antenna
Product description:
Latest products EM-Giga power adopts three large capacity lithium battery, battery capacity by the previous 300 ma into the current 580 ma enough A lithium battery, using the latest DC - DC 12 v input voltage inverter technology of pressure booster directly to the 48 v, 24 v - working power supply can be precision adjustment, suitable model, the minimum working voltage is equal to the 6 pieces of lithium battery series, maximum working voltage is equal to 12 piece of lithium battery series, scope of work.Host circuit adopts original ST chip control circuit can accurately adjust mixing, the adjusting range is more widely and more stable.Launch plate adopts high-power transistors + special processing PCB emission effect is more stable, external hf antenna removable, better concealment.